Support & Customer Service

We offer comprehensive services for the EDI LINE EDI converter and the industry solutions for »Sage« New Classic, »Sage« 50 Auftrag and »Sage« 100 (Office Line):

  • Support in introducing EDI and optimizing business processes
  • Support (by phone, remote servicing, and in person) for licensees of our solutions and their local dealers
  • Emergency support (even on weekends) available 24/7
  • Adaptation and implementation of already existing and new EDI message types

We know exactly how to react to business critical applications, like our EDI solutions. We’re there for users. Reliable and immediate.

User Support

If you need support in using EDI LINE, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you quickly and efficiently.

On request, we also offer service contracts for our software products that ensure access to assistance by phone, without extra costs. If you’re interested, please contact our representatives.

Customer Service

We have a very active sales force. Our technicians and representatives are also able to visit you in the office. To make an appointment, please contact us.


If you need a new interface format (converter) for EDI LINE or would like to change your existing solutions, our software engineers would be glad to help. Please make the arrangements with our representatives.

For a limited change to an existing EDI LINE message type, you can download the form for mapping changes.

Activating an EDI LINE Product

EDI LINE multiformat converter must be activated before use. Reactivation is also required after updates (i.e., if new converters have been licensed).

More Information

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