EDI LINE for Amazon

Amazon.com, Inc. Is THE online mail order company with an enormous range of products. According to its own data, Amazon is the market leader in Internet retail and has the largest selection of books, CDs, and videos worldwide. Private individuals and companies can also sell new and used products on Amazon Using the »Marketplace« and »z-Shops« integrated sales platforms.

EDI LINE Amazon Edition
EDI LINE Amazon Edition is a perfect fit

Our EDI LINE users are mostly suppliers for Amazon or offer their goods directly through Amazon Marketplace.

Normally, all commercially relevant article information is stored in the suppliers’ goods and inventory administration (ERP system). This includes sales prices, article descriptions, and availability data (such as warehouse inventory).

EDI LINE Amazon Edition offers a new solution that allows »Sage« ERP users (especially those using »Sage« 100 / Office Line and »Sage« 50 Auftrag) to communicate and work with Amazon entirely within the software. This also affects common channels, such as:

  • Amazon EDIFACT,
  • Web services (i.e., for Amazon Marketplace) and
  • Exchange via XML data structures.

This robust industry solution fits seamlessly with »Sage« ERP software. It’s easy to use and accelerates work processes.

EDI LINE Amazon Edition is used by many companies. Ask our consultants about our references. We’re confident that you’ll find the right recommendation from your industry in your region.

Upon request, our colleagues can also present EDI LINE Amazon Edition online or personally in your office. We also offer free trial versions of our software solutions.