Purchase EDI LINE Licenses

As a software and product producer, we enjoy giving advice about everything to do with EDI LINE and answering your questions about EDIFACT, VDA, web services, and electronic data exchange in general. All these topics are part of our day-to-day operations. We’re completely at home here!

Our expertise from many projects can be found in our industry solutions for the »Sage« 100 (Office Line) and »Sage« 50 Auftrag. We’re the perfect contact for this as well.

Local Dealers

Throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, our software licenses are distributed by authorized local EDI LINE dealers. These retailers have excellent EDI expertise, project experience, and know everything about our solutions. Upon request, we will gladly inform you of the nearest dealer in your region. These dealers are often also computer retailers with ERP knowledge (e.g., »Sage« Center).

Purchase Licenses Directly

EDI LINE licenses for the rest of Europe, as well as international licenses, are obtained directly through us. We also conduct informative presentations and events abroad. If you’re interested, please contact our colleagues from the International Sales Department.

We are also the right contact if you need new interface formats (converters) that have not yet been created or prefer other bespoke solutions. Whatever your needs, you’re in the right place!

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