EDI LINE Resellers

EDI LINE local dealers in Europe
EDI LINE Local Dealers

We understand the importance of trust and being close to customers. If you, as an ERP user, have a solid relationship with IT service providers in your region, then it should stay that way when you use an EDI LINE license or industry solution for »Sage« New Classic, »Sage« 50 Auftrag or »Sage« 100 (Office Line).

Our software licenses are distributed by regional, authorized EDI LINE partners. These resellers have EDI expertise, project experience, and know our solutions in detail. These partners also have the opportunity to consult our experts during every project. This cooperation ensures that our licensees receive the best customer service, optimal products, and regional support.

We are delighted to certify existing IT companies or software dealers as EDI LINE authorized local dealers. We can also award this certification remotely (via remote access/webcast). This is invaluable to users, who can continue to be supported by their current partner. We simply train that partner in using EDI LINE and electronic data exchange.

Become a New Partner

If you’re interested in becoming an EDI LINE local dealer, please talk to our colleagues in partner support. We’ll answer all your questions and explain the advantages, rights, and duties associated with becoming a local dealer.