EDI LINE Product Description

The original EDI LINE is a leading software solution for electronic data exchange of business data. Companies around the world send invoices, orders, and other documents or data electronically.

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EDI LINE supports worldwide standards like EDIFACT, VDA, or XML. The package is the EDIFACT solution that was specially developed for the »Sage« products New Classic, Classic Line, »Sage« 50 Auftrag and »Sage« 100 (Office Line). The software doesn’t need any additional converters from foreigner developers; it works independently with »Sage« solutions.

Other editions for other ERP solutions and ERP independent versions are also available.

Graphic EDI LINE for »Sage« Software

Our representatives and software technicians are also available to help with the development and introduction of special EDI projects. With over 15 years of EDI expertise, our EDI LINE colleagues’ experience is priceless.

More than 1,000 companies worldwide exchange data using EDI LINE solutions. And not just large companies – an increasing number of small and medium-sized companies are choosing to optimize with EDI.

On request, we offer free trial versions of our software solutions.