EDI Interfaces for »Sage« 100 (Office Line), »Sage« 50 Auftrag and »Sage« New Classic

A single EDI format facilitates standardized data import and export. Usually this means EDIFACT, VDA, XML or similar data structures.

EDI LINE goes above and beyond in scope. It automatically converts data into a format that your EDI partner can read and write. EDI LINE is an EDI converter with interfaces to the leading »Sage« ERP solutions.

Since this converter processes all the usual formats such as EDIFACT, VDA, XML, and CSV, while influencing business processes, it is referred to as a multiformat converter.

For the user, this successful architecture can only be beneficial, since separate converters for additional contractual partners are a thing of the past. EDI LINE is also:

  • Inexpensive: no clearing center or additional converter is needed.
  • Business suitable: the interface formats (converters) were developed in close cooperation with EDI partners.
  • Ready to run: plug and play means the entire solution is usually ready to use in under two hours.
  • Robust: EDI LINE software has been certified by »Sage« and is 100% compatible with the ERP packages »Sage« 100 (Office Line), »Sage« 50 Auftrag and »Sage« New Classic.
  • Compact: the entire package comes from a single source, a certified »Sage« partner.
  • Foolproof: EDI LINE was created with easy usability in mind, so you don’t need to be an IT expert.

Connection to Clearing Suppliers

We also offer certified interfaces for clearing centers and other EDI converters in addition to EDI LINE:

  • Crossgate (SAP / M@gic/Magic Eddy)
  • EDIGrid
  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • Rocket (previously Trubiquity or Mosaic)
  • Seeburger
  • stratEDI

EDI LINE is Plug and Play

The data conversion supplied is a kind of plug and play building block. These building blocks are not only configured for specific EDI partners, they are often developed and tested with them directly. Users gain access to peerless high performing and robust EDI solutions.

Our EDI solutions are used by many companies with very different interface formats. Ask our representatives for references. We’re certain we’ll be able to find you the right reference from your industry in your region.