Work at EDI LINE

Our customers are SMEs. We focus on EDI Electronic Data Exchange. We’re at home here. This is where we offer real value.

EDI LINE und »Sage« für den Mittelstand
Work in Bonn in the growing EDI market

We’re looking for new colleagues who are comfortable in this field and can support our customers. Industry knowledge is advantageous in addition to EDI expertise.

Our employees are the life force of the company. Our customers benefit from their experience and dedication. They are our drivers for growth and success.

In Germany and beyond, we work with over a thousand users. Our solutions help companies stay successful and experience growth.

We are like a puzzle with missing pieces. We strive for perfection. But the IT world is moving faster every year. Demands change, and our customers’ wishes are increasingly in touch with the globalized economy.

That’s why we’re looking for dedicated employees to take on these challenges and become part of the EDI LINE success story. How can we best use your talents? Impress us!

Contact us. We’ll tell you how to best apply for a role.