TRADE LINE for Retailers

TRADE LINE is especially favored by retail companies that already use the ERP software »Sage« 100 (Office Line).

EDI LINE and TRADE LINE for Retailers
EDI LINE + TRADE LINE = strong partners in retail

The demands placed on retailers and logistics companies are clear. The specifications of the large central regulator must be met. Retailers, such as hardware store chains or furniture stores, comprise a large number of sales points but processes must be executed centrally.

TRADE LINE expands »Sage« 100 (Office Line) so it can better meet your demands. The solution was developed in cooperation with several large retailers and is both practical and easy to use.

The current version has been expanded to meet the demands of the grocery industry (cf. packages, NVE, and traceability) with the relevant business processes. This affects both industrial companies and retailers.

This robust industry solution fits seamlessly with »Sage« ERP software. It’s easy to use and accelerates work transactions.

»Sage« Certified Partner Solution

TRADE LINE solutions have been officially released and proofed by »Sage«. Any application received the award »Certified Partner Solution«. The business processes in the »Sage« standard are considered as well as industry-specific extensions. We are in trading and logistics at home.

TRADE LINE is used by many companies. Ask our consultants about our references. We’re confident that you’ll find the right recommendation from your industry in your region.

Upon request, our colleagues can also present TRADE LINE online or personally in your office. We also offer free trial versions of our software solutions.