EDI LINE Licesning Information

When you purchase an EDI LINE converter, you’re purchasing licensed software. So you only pay once, regardless of how many documents you process or how much data you convert.

Under an EDI LINE user license, you are authorized to install the multiformat converter ans the multi user service on one system, to use an EDI LINE database, and to use it through a user. The system can be used on either a work computer or server (on which EDI LINE can only be accessed by a single work computer). Alternatively, several work computer accesses (named users) can be licensed so that EDI LINE can be used by other users, work places, or computers. An additional workplace license is needed for each additional access installation. The EDI LINE multi user service can be started only once in a network subnet (network part).

»Sage« Licenses

For optional access to »Sage« software (New Classic, 50 Auftrag or 100 / Office Line Evolution), a separate »Sage« access license is required (workplace client license). If the interface module for »Sage« 100 (Office Line) is required, »Sage« third party application object licenses (depending on the data exchange partner, possibly a separate license) are required instead of workplace client licenses, as long as no other requirements are listed in the »Sage« license conditions. »Sage« licenses may incur additional licensing and maintenance costs.

»Sage« third party application objects used by EDI LINE converters are named in the respective converter documentation and are transmitted separately with the EDI LINE product activation by email. Information on third party application objects are also listed under licensing information.

Information on secure and legal »Sage« licensing can be requested by email (address: lizenzierung@sage.com). The »Sage« website is located at: www.sage.de.