Support request

For the software EDI LINE, CAR LINE and the TRADE LINE you have several ways to get support:

Email support request

Just send us an Email. We will reply shortly.

Phone call

Give us a call. We are available during business hours for you.


In an emergency you can reach us outside our business hours. This requires a corresponding service agreement. If necessary, you can request this form.

Customer service

Our customer service will come to your house. We are fast at your site. Just get in contact with us and make an appointment.

Costs of support claims

Users who have already completed a software maintenance contract with the options Phone Support (Hotline) or support via email, can provide support requests at no additional cost. We recommend this type of contract because we can react quickly and effectively. This contract is inexpensive.

But even without a maintenance contract, you can take our assistance. For these cases, we offer so-called single-support requests. The form for the assignment can be found on our download page.

Please contact us for more information. Just get in touch with us. We advise you objectively and fairly.